Brian David Andersen – Now you can wear your vitamins, minerals and nutrients instead of swallowing them – The technology of Light Particle Assimilation

Brian David Andersen

Tri-Vortex Technology is a revolutionary process in health and wellness developed by Brian David Andersen. In 1988 Andersen started out on the quest to find an inexpensive way to treat drinking water so it would provide better hydration. The rest is history.

Andersen discovered how to precisely indent the lines of a four-sided pyramid with a very basic mathematical formula.

Like the Great Pyramid, the harmonic frequencies with specific phases and amplitudes created from any geometric figure with indented sides, as well as the indented figures themselves, have The Power of Purpose.

The first Tri-Vortex Treatment Chamber was constructed and the first Tri-Vortex product was created – the Tri-Vortex Plate. The plate was a credit card sized sheet of stainless steel that was placed in the treatment field for a minimum of 24 hours. Through the process of sympathetic resonance, the plate could then change the taste and quality of a liquid in under a minute. Further testing revealed that placing the plate on areas of pain or soreness also provided relief. In recent years, the plate has morphed into the Tri-Vortex Disc.