Gregory L. Gillispie, Founder of Neurogen- Neurofeedback – optimizing brain function second interview

Co-founder, Master Gunnery Sergeant, Gregory L. Gillispie (Ret.), is committed to helping his fellow veterans, one brain at a time.

Master Gunnery Sergeant Gregory L. Gillispie retired after a distinguished 30-year career in the Marine Corps. The majority of Greg’s career was spent with the Marine Corps’ most elite units: Reconnaissance Battalions, Force Reconnaissance Companies, and other Special Operations Forces to include Naval Special Warfare command.

He was deployed overseas ten times with seven combat deployments in the Middle East. In 2007, Greg retired with multiple concussions, blast injuries, a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), and severe PTSD symptoms. Five years of traditional medical treatments and countless prescriptions were of little help, and he continued to struggle with chronic pain and many PTSD symptoms, including debilitating migraines.

In 2012, Greg volunteered to be patient zero in a brain study utilizing Neurogen’s HPN technology to treat veterans with TBI’s. He received ten treatments over three weeks, after which Greg’s symptoms virtually disappeared.  Before and after brain scans confirmed the effectiveness of the treatments.

Inspired by his own phenomenal response, Greg dedicated himself to bringing Neurogen HPN’s life-changing technology to his fellow veterans.

In 2018, Greg co-founded  Neurogen Brain Balancing with the express goal of helping combat veterans who have PTSD, for free.

Serving the greater community

Over time, success stories quickly spread from the veterans to their families and then out to the larger community.  Knowing that anyone with a brain could benefit from Neurogen HPN, sharing it with everyone was the next logical step.

Today, Neurogen Brain Balancing proudly serves both military and civilians alike.