Introducing The Ten Terrains of Consciousness: Understand Yourself, Other People and Our World

Allen David Reed and Tahnee Woolf
Discover Your Terrain, Where You Are on the Continuum of Consciousness, and How That is Causing the Life You Are Living! The Keys to Recognizing How Everyone – from Individuals to Governments – Acts on Their Terrains of Consciousness. 

American Allen David Reed and Australian Tahnee Woolf have spent years in deep study and research to develop this incredibly accurate model of spiritual evolution. Reed is a polymath who has been a Silicon Valley pioneer in virtual reality, architect, builder, urban planner and environmental designer. Woolf is a master of human dynamics, who speaks multiple languages and has worked as a lawyer, screenwriter, Feldenkrais practitioner, speaker, and radio show host. Together, they have given humanity its guidebook and roadmap-a surprisingly optimistic vision of where we are heading.

Reading the book Introducing The Ten Terrains of Consciousness is a great way for people to begin their exploration of the Ten Terrains Model. The authors offer a fascinating conversation about each of the 10 Terrains and also discuss:

  • How you can use the knowledge of your Terrain to improve your relationships, your health, your wealth, your mental outlook, and more;
  • How the Ten Terrains influences political, legal and social systems;
  • Which great leaders in history were operating at which Terrain (such as Abraham Lincoln-Square, Charles Darwin-Diamond, and Buddha-Infinity!);
  • Famous movies and books that are good examples of each Terrain; and
  • How each of the 10 icons visually represents the characteristics of that Terrain.