Kamau Kokayi, MD – Shaping your consciousness for health and living as we enter the new cycle of 2022

TOPIC: The Role of Consciousness and Mind in the Healing of the Body


Dr Kamau Kokayi started his journey toward a multidimensional medical/healing practice as a College Scholar at Cornell University under the tutelage of a Nobel Prize Laureate in chemistry.  He chose medical school at Yale over Harvard and a full scholarship to law school.  Dr Kokayi quickly realized that there were too many limitations in the scope and practice of mainstream medicine.  He took a year away from medical school to study Chinese medicine and homeopathy and began studies in a traditional African spiritual tradition and ultimately became a Priest in this tradition.  During this year away from Yale he was introduced into Quantum Physics and began a metamorphosis in his understanding of what constitutes a human being.  His graduate thesis on physics, medicine and acupuncture  was accepted.

After graduating from Yale Medical School, Dr Kokayi went on to complete a family practice residency while deepening his studies in Chinese medicine, homeopathy, and traditional African culture.  Since his medical residency Dr Kokayi has maintained a private  medical practice, creating a healing paradigm that is inclusive of biomechanics, biochemistry, bioenergetics and Consciousness.   Chinese medical theory, African cosmogony and Western medical research have fueled his drive to make a difference in the lives of people.  He has worked with multiple applied kinesiology systems and has utilized nutritional and botanical therapies throughout his professional career.  He is an affiliate of the Oxford Research Institute, and has used peptide therapy in his practice for the last twenty years. Dr Kokayi also directed a stem cell program in Manhattan for two years  and brought heart math, biogeometry and bio energetic healing into his practice.

In addition to his private practice Dr Kokayi has directed several detox programs for rescue workers and individuals affected by 911,  served as Medical Director of a substance abuse center using acupuncture as its lead therapy,  hosted a talk show radio program, the Global Medicine Review, for over a decade, and traveled throughout Africa to direct a film on traditional African medicine.  He is an avid researcher in the field of botanical medicine and assists his clients in achieving optimal health with a minimum of pharmaceuticals.

The last five years has seen Dr Kokayi running a bicoastal medical practice, between NY and Los Angeles, and back on the radio with his program Quantum Medicine.   He currently orchestrates a unique Consciousness Transformation meditation online, twice a week and is particularly interested in the interface between Consciousness and the human biofield.

He is the Past President of the Homeopathic Medical Society for the State of New York (HMSSNY) and is retired from the NY State Acupuncture Board.

Dr Kokayi has seven children and lives with his wife and youngest child in Los Angeles.

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