Lisa Scott The importance of giving ourselves our voice back and also manifesting our desired outcomes

Lisa Scott lives in New Jersey and is a wife and mother of 4, a Metaphysician, Manifestation Mentor & Coach

At 12 years old Lisa stepped into the “state of being” as a teacher in order to assist herself from having a hard time to getting a “B” in the class, through the use of imagination.

Lisa manifested working as an educator for one of her areas largest healthcare organizations without the normally required bachelors degree

-Working a part-time job making full-time money.

-And taking herself back, visiting her younger self, giving voice to her younger self, and healing an entire timeline of blocked energies and unconscious limiting thoughts.

Lisa currently hosts the Feel-It-Real Mastermind – which is a monthly membership- where she helps you to reconnect to your power and to consciously increase your inherent manifesting abilities.

Lisa is the author of the new E-Guide – Go Back and Heal Little You: A Guide To Giving Yourself Your Voice Back which can be found on her website @

Lisa is also the author of the free e-book: When You’ve Tried Everything Else Except yourself: 6 Steps To Moving Beyond Your Past Experiences and Programs and “Step Into Your Own”  which can also be found @