Matthew Kuhn- Kaqun Technology, more than water, a unique development in water chemistry!

(This interview took place during the fund drive for KPFK)


In his late teens, native Pennsylvanian Matthew Kuhn, left his hometown to quench his thirst for adventure. Traveling through America stoked his interest in alternative medicine, supportive health modalities and the power of unraveling the unknown.

Years later, a holistic health practitioner in Northern California introduced him to doctors working with healing waters in Hungry.  Health challenges of every sort were transforming.

He went to Budapest, tried it himself, and was compelled to bring the treatment to the States.

A passion for wellness brought the Kaqun L.A. Spa to life!

Only two locations in the United States (one in Los Angeles and one in Las Vegas) and so prior to this folks had to travel to Budapest to experience the healing effects of this water technology! For many it brought them back from the brink of death after certain medical diagnosis. This was their last resort and it worked!

There is actually an INTERNATIONAL KAQUN CONFERENCE 12 DEC 2020 – the one last December with a big focus on hypoxia, which according to these scientists has a significant effect