Noah Hammond Tyrrell – CEO of Feel Good Hemp

Noah Hammond Tyrrell, a spiritual life & business coach and CEO of  Feel Good Hemp at

Noah’s dad is the inspiration for his company Feel Good Hemp. One day he received a call that drove him to his knees…his funny, full-of-life 6ft.-7 in. father had been diagnosed with terminal liver cancer.

He went home and dug into training he’d taken with a natural healer who’d cured thousands using ancient wisdom—and also remembered the many benefits of cannabis—particularly hemp oils. He also recalled a documentary on juicing, and got a recommendation from a naturopathic doctor that beets and carrots were good for the liver.

Before long, he was gently coercing his reluctant father to drink massive amounts of beet and carrot juice, along with taking hemp oil capsules. And then the miracle happened, not only did his dad learn to LOVE the protocol, but the huge tumor began to shrink. On the first recheck it had reduced 30%! Within three months, the cancer was completely gone!

The doctors were mystified—but not Noah and his family! His dad not only recovered his health, but was FEELING GOOD in all senses of the word. Within a short while Noah and his wife Danielle formed the company named in honor of his father’s FEELING GOOD…Feel Good Hemp.