Patricia Bisch – What Freedom from Food Truly Means

GUEST: Patrica Bisch, Author of “Freedom from Food” 

TOPIC: What Freedom from Food truly means – A quantum physics approach to weight loss.

BIO: Freedom from Food presents a revolutionary program designed by Patricia Bisch who discovered the secret to regaining her power over food without deprivation. Built on the solid foundation of quantum physics, which substantiates how the mind affects the body, it provides practical applications of principles that guide you to making your consciousness strong enough to transform your body. Patricia Bisch, MA, MFT, lived the painful life of an overeater from her teen years to well into early adulthood.

Then, over 30 years ago, she discovered the secret to regaining her power over food–not through deprivation, but as a way to enjoy eating and to lose weight anyway.   Patricia Bish maintains a private practice in psychotherapy, specializing in EMDR therapy, Patricia lectures conducts media appearances and leads classes and workshops on weight loss.

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