Physical immortality, indefinite life extension

Janni LLoyd MD. For the first time hundreds of thousands of people are seeing beyond the finite barrier created by the belief ‘physical death is inevitable’….breaking through into future possibilities that are without limit. People with many different worldviews – holistic, spiritual, scientific, multi – dimensional and those who simply love life – are coming together to own the right to live indefinitely in full health. They are creating a new philosophy……one of peace, love, cooperation, joy, inclusiveness and gratitude for the gift of Life…… Dr Janni Lloyd’s interest in health began in 1973 when she commenced her medical degree at the University of Western Australia.

With a special interest in the psyche and emotions, she later moved into holistic health. In 1992 she began studying and living Healthy Longevity / Indefinite Life Extension and the philosophy of Physical Immortality from many different perspectives – psychology, spirituality, holistic health and medical science. Her main purpose is to bring wisdom streams together to facilitate awareness of this potential for all. Janni writes books , conducts talks and mediates on-line groups on this topic. Her most recent eBook is ‘Healthy Longevity Philosophy – Through the finite barrier”