There’s a Black Hole at the Center of Earth—13 Scientists Say in a Real Journal!

Photo credit: Baac3nes – Getty Images

Article by: Caroline Delbert

Scientists have uncovered a bizarre, indefensible paper that squeaked through peer review at what appears at first pass to be a legitimate medical journal. Expert responses to the report are funny, but the research represents some key items of interest in science publishing and academia more broadly.

In “A Black Hole at the Center of Earth Plays the Role of the Biggest System of Telecommunication for Connecting DNAs, Dark DNAs and Molecules of Water on 4+N- Dimensional Manifold,” published last year in the Open Access Macedonian Journal of Medical Sciences, 13 listed authors from wildly different fields throw together a series of escalating falsehoods. “Recently, some scientists from NASA have claimed that there may be a black hole like structure at the centre of the earth,” the abstract begins.

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