What’s missing in the news? The catastrophic effects of the lockdown on mental health in adults, juveniles and families

Dr. Sheila Morris, PsyD, obtained a doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology, Alliant Unv.  She practices Clinical and Forensic Psychology, has been in private practice in Lancaster, California for 20 years working with adults, adolescents, and children, and treating a variety of mental health disabilities.  She sits on various Boards, is heavily involved with psychological associations including the American Psychological Association where she is affiliated with multiple Divisions and sits on the Board of Section IV, Div. 12, Clinical Psychology of Women, and Division V of the California Psychological Association’s Psychopharmacology.  She has had multiple adjunct facility appointments teaching Human Diversity, Law and Ethics, Psychological Assessment, and Community Prevention.  She was also the Chair of the Political Action Committee’s Board of Trustee’s for the California Psychological Association. 

Dr. Morris works in the area of clinical and forensic psychology, treating a variety of mental health disorders with women and children and a diverse population throughout Los Angeles County and beyond.    Most notably, Dr. Morris specializes in adolescent mental health care, serving as expert witness in Juvenile Courts, and conducting competency and other psych legal evaluations in criminal courts throughout Los Angeles, Kern, and Inyo Counties.  She is published in the area of juvenile delinquency, and also specializes in Personality Assessment and its effect on functioning.

Since completing her graduate studies at the California School of Professional Psychology, Los Angeles in 1999, Dr. Morris has dedicated her work to exploring the interactive dynamics between psycho-environmental, psychobiological, and psychosocial factors on the health and wellness of African-American people, particularly youth. In an effort to better understand adolescent social ills and provide much needed services, Dr. Morris created the grass-roots organization T-MAC (Teens Making A Change).  For further information, please contact Dr. Morris at drsheila@morrisclinicinc.com.