Zen Cryar DeBrucke – Founder of Smart Soul Academy

Over the course of 11 years from 1987 to 1998, Zen Cryar DeBrucke, formerly a high school dropout, built a tech company of 45 employees in the Bay Area that was skyrocketing, doing business with Fortune 500 companies and global conglomerates. And then came the dot-com bust. And while all of her friends, colleagues and associates were frantic as their businesses collapsed under them, Zen stayed well, Zen…her company was cratering too, but she was able to reconfigure her thinking to easily stay peaceful, even happy, and sanguine.

She discovered how to navigate all her thoughts, emotions and actions using an Internal Guidance System (IGS) — bodily clues that enabled her to identify and shift the beliefs and old programs that were false, disempowering and limiting.  Over the years this discovery drove her company’s success.